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RF radio frequency for Skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal weight loss face lifting beauty equipment(JB-7500)

RF radio frequency for Skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal weight loss face lifting beauty equipment(JB-7500)
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type: RF beauty equipments
RF Skin Rejuvenation
RF weight loss
RF wrinkle removal
RF face lift

RF radio frequency for Skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal weight loss face lifting beauty equipment(JB-7500)



RF can replace the rationale for the non-invasive cosmetic surgery face lift surgery is a safe, no side effects, no need to suspend the work of a single course of beauty treatments. This treatment system is very unique. It not only has the immediate effect of firming, but also to promote long-term nature of collagen regeneration. The reason why the skin elasticity, mainly due to the dermal layer of skin collagen in the formation of collagen fibers in the skin of the stent. With the aging of the busy work and fatigue, reduced secretion of the skin collagen to make delicate skin begins to loose, dry, wrinkled and appeared shiny loss and other problems. Thus to keep the skin youthful vitality to the need to increase the skin collagen content. 




1. Clean the treatment site

2. Plan the treatment site

3. Fix electrode plate method

4. Preparation before treatment setup

5. Description of treatment procedures

6. Treatment will first have the feeling of cool moments, and then the dermis due to pass to the next wave will again warm waves. Cold and warm feeling will continue to alternate until the completion of therapy.

7. Treatment time ranged from 20 assigned to 2 hours, according to the treatment area size of the wing

8. After treatment, there will be slight redness or swelling in the can, it will fade after half an hour

9. After a few people have mild cases of face swollen, about 3-5 days continuously, but will immediately subside



Treatment Range               

1. Skin tightening and reduce deeper winkles.
2. Stimulate the initial collagen cells and increase skin flexibility.
3. Reduce the dilated pores.
4. Reshape the face outlines.
5. Body figure reconstruction.
6. Enhance skin metabolism, skin whitening.
7. Get rid of germ and reduce inflammation.
8. Tighten up skin.
9. Resist face and body to become decrepit.



1. deep wrinkle

2. skin lifting 

3. promote metabolism of cell

4. correct the face contour

5. improve the elasticity of skin

6. Improve ATPtreatment the ance

7. Diminish  inflammatio 












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