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painless wireless no needle mesotherapy beauty equipment for skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal(JB-6700)

painless wireless no needle mesotherapy beauty equipment for skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal(JB-6700)
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no needle mesotherapy equipment
no needle mesotherapy skin rejuvenation
wrinkle removal
no needle mesotherapy injection


painless wireless no needle mesotherapy beauty equipment for skin rejuvenation and wrinkle removal( JB-6750)



Utilize the electrical stimulus to open the cortex. Then under the technologies of hydropower 

perforation and electrodialysis, pass the active elements through follicles, sweat gland and 

passages between cells, so as to penetrate the hypodermic tissues deep into the mesoblast . 

It can open the entrance (break the cell wall easily through stimulating the aquaporin in the cells 

membrane and penetrate the membrane,which means it can transport the active elements into the endothecium of the cells membrane without a syringe.




A skin care method that takes effect on tissues belonging to mesoblast. No-Needle Mesotherapy is a beauty therapy that uses no-needle mesotherapy device (also known as mesoporation device, or mesoporation infiltration device), applies electroporation and electroosmosis technologies, and transmits active ingredients or nutrients into the skin without any pain.


it acts on the skin directly, and increases the penetrability of the skin immediately. Under the electrical shock, lipid lamellae will produce small holes. The hydrophilic molecules which failed to be absorbed by cells are now able to penetrate and enter into the cells. Electrophoresis technology opens water channels for cell membrane, and promotes circulation through hair follicle, sweat gland, and corneum.


 it acts directly on substance molecules to be disperse, and enables them to penetrate and enter into the skin. Electric charges of the same kind are against each other. For instance, positive current can facilitate positive nutritious molecules' entry into the skin, together with the entry of neutral molecule. Under the effect of electrophoresis, cell membranes will produce small holes contemporarily. As a result, molecule exchanges will increase significantly, which enables the cells to absorb various medicines, genetic substances, protein, and other larger molecules. When electrophoresis is removed, small holes will close automatically and cause no effect to the cells.  




The No-Needle mesotherapy &BIO skin rejuvenation beauty equipment is a minimally invasive procedure that is widely used in Europe and elsewhere to treat various injuries and medical condition. It combines the following theories:

 (1 )  the No-Needle Mesotherapy injecting: This tiny ”medical bullets” are delivered directly into the mesoderm (middle layer of skin ) that are highly specific to the condition being treated.  

 (2)  electroosmosis head: it can cause hypodermic depth portion to warm up and blood capillaries and the lymphatic tissues in the deep places to flow smoothly. It can benefit the nutrition penetrate into the deep skin layer.

 (3)  cold head: cold hammer is helpful for minimizing pores, skin tightening, anti-wrinkle and facial lifting and keeps your skin elastic and energetic. It can minimize the pore, calming the flesh and comforting the nerve.

 (4) magic probe for eyes: Training and tightening up the eye muscles flexibility , It can tighten  bags under the eyes, relieve eyestrain and Black faint.




1.Renovate the technology: using the theory of the electronic perforation and penetration

2.High efficiency of absorbing: the nutrition go into the cells directly.So the absorptivity is high.

3.Without pains,no side effects: During the whole process, you can't feel any pain. It doesn't

 change the mechanism of the skin. It is possible to match with nature active products.

4. Used part: applicable to face, cervix, bosom, waist,buttocks and legs, improve the effects of 

complimentary products, whitening skin, wiping off wrinkles and losing weight.




1. no surgery 

2. non-intrusive 

3. no blood   

4. no hurt 

5. no injury

6. no wound 

7. no recovery time 

8. short time treatment 

9. effetive 10. no diet



1) remove wrinkle and exfoliation
2) slim face, tighten skin, face lifting, smoothen skin face
3) eyes care, mask care, toxin-dispel, and lose weight
4) slim body and beauty breast
5) improve metabolism, activate cell, pigment removal, etc.
6) 20 diferent beauty care functions

7)biological micro-electric
8)needless breaking+skin lifting
9)electroporation application



1. Electroporation injection head

2. Electroosmosis head

3. BIO facelift probe

 4. Ice close operating head


packing size:68*64*115cm

delivery time: 5-7 business days

warranty: 1 year



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