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E-Light (IPL+RF) Hair removal Pigmentation therapy Beauty Equipment(JB-9500)

E-Light (IPL+RF) Hair removal Pigmentation therapy Beauty Equipment(JB-9500)
Product Detailed removal E-light rejuvenation E-light
3.pigmentation therapy E-light
4.vascular therapy E-light
5.acne therapy

E-Light (IPL+RF) Hair removal Pigmentation therapy Beauty Equipment(JB-9500)



IPL Treatment For Rejuvenation
IPL treatment is regarded as one of the most effective way for skin rejuvenation, as well as permanent hair removing and speckle elimination. It is a safe and painless treatment method based on photo therapy theory. With experienced coach accumulated from over 5 years operation in more than 200 chained beauty spa, it is a conceivable approach to handle the high-tech machine smoothly.

IPL applications:

 IPL permanent hair removal  IPL skin rejuvenation  IPL speckle elimination  Pigmented  Vascular  Age spot reduction



E-light technology adopts the most advanced bipolar RF technology, electronic ice technology and IPL technology and so on, and also applies specific RF luminescence, directly irradiates the skin surface, selectively act on the hypodermic abnormal pigment and vein target tissues, decomposes abnormal pigment cells and closes abnormal capillaries, while strong plus light will be absorbed by the water in collagens, at the same time, thermal effect will stimulate the collagens to proliferate, thereby increasing the elasticity of the skin and achieving the purpose of rejuvenation, wrinkle removal, acne-clearance and red blood trace removal.


Treatment Scope:

1. Wrinkle removal / face-lifting/ lifting

2. Removing deep patch/ removing light skin patch/ whitening and rejuvenation/ removing red blood trace

3. Acne treatment

4. Shallow fine hair/ remove thick black hair


packaging & delivery detail:

packaging detail: The international standard wooden box

delivery detail: within 3-5 business days


free training:

online service to teach you how to use the machine



Main Technical Parameters

Optical Source

Strong plus light + Bipolar RF 

Standard Therapeutic Header

430-1200nm 530-1200nm 640—1200nm

Transmission System

Sapphire Crystal Light System

Energy Density


Width of Pulse


Repetition Frequency

no more than 1P/1S


8 mm x34mm

Cooling System

Cooling By Touch Approximately 4 °C 

RF-adjustment range


Weight(Net Weight) 


Power Supply

AC220V/5A   60HZ












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